Well, the place that the tiny tank is in means that the ambient temperature will be too low to keep a Betta male happy. So a heater is required. It is the usual dilemma. I have the site of cables. The tank is small and odd shaped, so the heater needs to fit and not get in the way.

A quick look at the manufacturers website looks like they don’t make one for the tank, which is kind of sad because I liked the design and effort that they had put into integrating the filter and light.

What options do we have then? Well a nano heater, or thinking out of the box, a vivarium style heat pad. Let’s have a better look at them then.

Small Nano Heater Things To Know

There is 3 different types of approaches to heaters.

  • Fixed temperature
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Always On

Fixed Temperature – Normally set to 25C (77F) which is all very good if the fishes you are keeping like that temperature.

Adjustable Temperature – Like the Fixed temperature concept it will turn on or off to keep the tank as and when it requires, however you can adjust this type so that it is more acceptable for the fish you are keeping.

Always On – Like the name says this heater is always on and does not care what temperature the water is. The down side is that the water temperature will be affected by the outside environment, if the room the tank is in changes temperature then the water changes temperature.

As with most things in life it is always a compromise. The always on is just a heater element so is the smallest, the fixed temperature is the next smallest because it is a heater and a thermostat, and the largest is the Adjustable Temperature because it has a heater, thermostat, and the adjuster. However I have noticed that some Adjustable have separated the Adjuster from the heater/thermostat which means that they will take up less room in the aquarium.