Getting around to setting up the Tiny tank, it is for a male Betta to live in.

It is a White Ciano Nexus 5c, with a Ciano CF20 Filter, and a Ciano CLN Light.

Ciano Nexus 5c
Ciano CF20 Filter
Ciano CLN5 RGB

After buying the tank as a bit of a spare of the moment thing as I liked the quirky design. I read some reviews and got worried about the quality of the item. Well, I have to say the quality is a bit cheap however from a design point of view, I love it. The filter and the light clip and fit perfectly into the fittings, plus the wires run down the enclosure on the back of the tank. Nicely designed.

So far for decoration I have put in some Red Gems as Substrate.

Red Gems