What is it? How does it happen? Does it ever work right?

In the real world fish would be in a running water that does not have any filters etc so what is this crazy Nitrogen Cycle thing then? Well as most living animals, fish poo! In fact most of the Nitrogen cycle happens by something eating something and then pooing it out. so then what happens?

  1. Plants eaten by Fish
  2. Fish Poo out Ammonia
  3. Ammonia is eaten by a bacteria called Nitrosomonas.
  4. Nitrosomonas poo out Nitrites.
  5. Nitrites are then eaten by a bacteria called Nitrobacter.
  6. Nitrobacter then poo out Nitrate.
  7. Nitrates get eaten by the Plants
  8. Back to Number 1

Thats great I will never remember all that, plus why have all my fish just died? well the short answer is, they all have to be balanced correctly. The bacteria do not suddenly appear from no where which is I think the biggest issue I have found when trying to keep on top of having good water conditions.

  • Yes I know X does not actually eat Y and then poo out Z in the real world, but I want to put it in a way my kids could understand it.